Siúil A Rún

Book Cover

 Engaged to marry Tobias Monahan, the heir of a wealthy Anglo-Irish family, Caitriona Murphy’s life is at a crossroads.

Grainne Ryan is set to marry Caitrona’s older brother, but she too finds herself caught between two worlds.

Neither young woman wants to marry the men the world expects them to marry. Neither cares to marry a man at all. Both are coming to realize that their hearts belong to each other, but when their secret is discovered, both will be met with choices that take them miles apart from each other and away from the lives they used to live.

Caitriona’s new life in America exposes her to an opportunity she never dreamed of for herself. In college, she joins the Women’s Suffrage movement and learns more about herself and the world as a whole.

Meanwhile, Grainne’s life has taken a turn. She’s disowned by her father and forced to borrow money from the village priest in order to relocate to Dublin. Relocating though doesn’t protect her from tragedy. When a tragedy strikes her family, she joins a movement of her own and soon finds herself working covertly for the Irish Republican Army.

Although separated by circumstance, Caitriona and Grainne’s lives intersect again and both are left with a fateful choice: continue with their respective movements or allow their love for each other to flourish.Siúil A Rún (Walk, My Love) is a traditional Irish folk song about a young woman whose fiance leaves to fight in a war. She expresses her willingness to support her lover, even so much as abandoning her parents and leaving behind her own belongings. This is the first novel in a series inspired by Irish folk songs.

Celtic Woman (Orla Fallon) – Siúil a Run (Walk My Love) For more, go to



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